Tatiana Borsch is a unique person. She is a professional musician, pianist, journalist, screenwriter, producer, author of serious documentaries that appear on the Zvezda (Star) TV channel. And she is one of the most famous Russian astrologers.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Tatiana, why, in your opinion, are your predictions so popular?
Tatiana Borsch: Once I added more sections to my predictions, namely, "Business", "Family", "Money". I did it for the sake of convenience, so that people could use the horoscopes and understand them. I never write books in the astrological language. For example, I never say that Mars has entered a certain sign, because this would make no sense to the readers. Instead, I make use of the language people speak every day. If the astrologer says, "Venus is in a bad position for you", he/she deserves a bad mark.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Some people consider astrology to be something mystical and even forbidden...
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: But religion still has a negative attitude to astrology as a means of "looking into the future" ...
Tatiana Borsch: Astrology originated a long time ago. The first astrological forecasts were calendars based on the solar cycle. However, in the East, the lunar cycle was used - their chronology was based on the lunar calendar, while in the West, it was the solar calendar. The first predictions were of a quite "practical" nature. The ancient astrologers structured time. We know what day it is today and what time it is now, while the people of antiquity knew nothing about it. They needed to understand what time period they were in and what they were supposed to do - when to go hunting, when to sow, when to harvest. If they had had no calendars, life would have turned into complete chaos for them. As you may know, the Indians in the "Wild West" stories used to say, 'See you in eight moons.' This is an indication of time. In the West, people would say, 'Tomorrow is Thursday, let's meet at such and such time.' Well, this is also an astrological prediction. Agricultural astrology was the first to develop. The well-known sowing calendar is still based on the lunar cycles. That knowledge has been collected and systematized for centuries. And this is not mysticism, this is practice.
For almost 30 years, she has been and presently is making her astrological forecasts for every New Year. Tatiana's forecasts are amazingly accurate. It was she who predicted the collapse of the ruble in 1998, Boris Yeltsin's retirement, and even Boris Berezovsky's "escape". The most famous people ask the astrologer for advice, though without making it public.
Borsch has told, sincerely and unambiguously, as usual, about what awaits the Russians in the new year of 2018.
The forecast was recorded by the correspondents of the Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency.
Tatiana Borsch: But all rulers had their own astrologers. For example, tsar Alexei Mikhaylovich, Peter the Great's father, had an astrologer, a monk named Simeon Polotsky. The latter even chose the days when the tsar had to go to the tsarina to conceive a healthy offspring. He chose the right day, and, as stated in that time's annals, the tsarina got pregnant. Simeon said that a wonderful tsar would be born, one of the best tsars of that time, a very strong man. Nowadays, many clergymen don't treat astrology well. But it has not always been like that. Once astrology as a science was developed by clergymen, i.e. people who had enough free time to observe the stars, compile textbooks, etc. It was a highly respected science.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: In the coming year, presidential elections will be held in Russia.
What are the stars saying about the winner?
Tatiana Borsch: I have zero doubt that Vladimir Putin will win. But that victory will be followed by numerous changes. Many of them will take place in the summer. Figuratively speaking, one can say that many heads will be cut off, the structure of power can change dramatically, it will be very painful and tough. The summer will be very difficult for this country, both financially and in terms of changes in the structure of power; we are in for a radical turn. As to the fall, it will be calmer. Speaking of Russia as a whole, a more favorable period for this country will begin in 2022-2023 or in 2025. But before that time, dramatic changes will go on. However, in the present-day trials and tribulations, there are sprouts of something really good. They are small, not very noticeable, but they do exist. In Europe, the situation is just the opposite - there is a loss of spiritual orientation. Our team is shooting a film about the revision of the outcome of WWII. I was just shocked by what I saw in Auschwitz: in the concentration camp where thousands of people had been killed, a restaurant was opened! It is a business enterprise, there are crowds of people there! Of course, there are wonderful people in Europe, but the general tendency is that among the good things, there are sprouts of a completely cynical attitude to something really important.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Many people are concerned about the relations of North Korea and South Korea. People ask a simple question: Will there be a war? Will the situation eventually calm down?
Tatiana Borsch: I have never dealt with this issue in detail. My personal feeling is that there will be no global war like in the 1940s. But people are capable of destroying each other in different ways, so there is a chance of a "creeping" war. The closer to 2021-2022, the worse the situation will be. A world crisis is also possible. This always happens when economic epochs change. And since the change of the economic epoch coincides with the change of the whole epoch, i.e. the earth's axis moves from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aquarius, everything will be aggravated.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: What will be the result of the economic crisis for the Russians? The US dollar can hardly keep growing …
Tatiana Borsch: There are no reliable currencies.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Even the cryptocurrencies are unreliable?
Tatiana Borsch: If you asked me this question in 5-10 years, perhaps my answer would be positive. Presently, it is not. If you have some money, you should better buy real estate. The prices have fallen almost to the bottom, and they will keep falling a bit more. In Russia, it is now the best time to buy real estate, especially since the credit rates will decrease. But I want to say something very important: Astrology is a science of cycles, of ups and downs that occur in all areas, and the people's interests don't matter in this case. It's not people that participate in the cycles, but the cycles control people. The universe is a kind of big computer, in which everything is partly outlined. Making predictions, I definitely see this.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: So how should we behave in the coming year? Run a risk? "Hide away"? What will help us save our resources?
Tatiana Borsch: This is rather specific. Some people should risk and move forward. Others perhaps should try and get stronger. The main idea of astrology is that there are good and bad periods. Every period is good for something definite. Here is an example. Supposing you have lost your job. If you are professionally active, you will try to find another one. But meanwhile, as long as you have free time, you can take care of yourself. You can start learning a language or master something new, go in for sports, etc. You don't need money for doing that. Walk in the park, exercise, and so on.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: If we are governed by cycles, what about our free will?
Tatiana Borsch: Supposing you don't like something in your country. But to change a situation radically, a lot of people are needed. And for doing this, the corresponding conditions are required. That is, if you go to the Red Square, you won't change anything. When you work inside your team, you control the situation by 20%-30%. Your own behavior matters, but much depends on others. That is, you don't have a complete control of the situation. In your family, 50% or 40% (depending on the distribution of the roles) belongs to you. But a huge part belongs to your partner. When you are alone, though, you are free to do whatever you want. This relates to your health, your own body, your brain, which can either be improved or neglected. That is, changing your own destiny begins with changing yourself without changing others. A person's fate can be compared to an athlete's activities. He/she practices a lot, but nobody needs it, nobody sees it. And suddenly, the person wins the gold at the World Championships or at the Olympics. Those are mere minutes. But those minutes comprise all the previous energy. That's why the periods when we are happy are very short, while the preparatory periods are long. Nothing but self-development gives us certain freedom. We have no other freedom. The Chinese say that living in the times of change is not good. Well, the present time is just like that. But the future society will get back to the ideas of equality and fraternity. The era of Aquarius is the era of equality and fraternity since justice is the humankind's everlasting dream. Once our dream will come true, although, unfortunately, this won't happen as fast as we would like it to. — Can one change one's fate?
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Can one change one's fate?
Tatiana Borsch: What is fate? It is the development of the character in time. A human being is born with a certain character. But we are all conscious people, and once we will begin to understand the advantages and disadvantages of our character. Our free will is nothing but self-development, which is the hardest work. There is no other freedom. For example, I want to be a ballerina, but I have no talent. Would it be a good idea to pursue my dream? Or another example. Someone was born into a family having a good psychological atmosphere and the parents trying to educate their children. While another person was born into a family of alcoholics. These children certainly have different starting positions. In other words, fate determines the basic parameters. By the way, the horoscope will always tell you what kind of family a person was born into; it will even tell you about the mother's state at the moment of delivery. Take our family as an example. It has three children. We all have different characteristics of the family, because we were born in different periods of time. The horoscope can also tell you about the will potential. The person's will and awareness can help him/her "raise" his destiny to a new level within the corridor defined by the stars. On the better half and the karma.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Compatibility of zodiac signs in personal relationships – can it be taken seriously?
Tatiana Borsch: It's a very complicated question. What is personal relationship? What is compatibility? The fact is that every person is supposed to have their own connection. For some, only harmonious connections are comfortable. Others find harmony extremely boring. For some people, it's boring to live calmly. As one young guy said, 'I don't like good girls, I am interested in bitches.' What kind of compatibility can we talk about in this case? It's main idea will be a conflict. Because the first thing you look at when analyzing the horoscope is what kind of partner this person really needs as he/she will attract the kind of partner he/she needs. So more often than not, the compatibility issues are based primarily on the person's natal chart. What does he/she need? And any natal chart will have a portrait of the wife, a portrait of the husband, the number of marriages, the number of divorces. All that is already there.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: And what about the "better halves"?
Tatiana Borsch: They do exist. But who are they for you? People often say about their partners, "This is my karma, this is a karmic person for me!" But I will tell you something different. If people meet, especially if they have seen each other for a long time, this has a reason. And it would be strange to consider this event to be something temporary and only lasting while you are looking for your karmic partner. Every person appearing in our life is supposed to teach us something. And that person can be your better half for a certain period of time.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Do we at least have a choice? Or are we "doomed" by the fate and the stars to have this person?
Tatiana Borsch: It only seems to us that we make a choice… Because our partner's character and the time when he/she appears in our life is present in our natal chart. But by and large, no one has yet fully answered this question. In fact, I don't think that there is an answer. We will never be able to verify the option, "What would happen if..." When a person comes to an astrologer and the latter tells him/her about certain problems, such as financial ones, I always say, 'You can minimize this, but you can't remove it completely.'
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: By the way, what should we do if the stars tell us that we are going to lose money?
Tatiana Borsch: Invest it. If you give the money away of your own accord, you have nothing to lose. This is an old approach – sponsorship and charity are based on it. You don't lose what you give. Death has different representations in the horoscope. In terms of astrology, death does not exist - there is a transition to another state. Death, which happens due to an accident or death in a war look like a huge stress. Sometimes, it's the best thing that can happen to a person at the moment.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: In other words, if you see your horoscope in the right time, you can avoid predictable losses?
Tatiana Borsch: The astrologer is approached by the people who are supposed to approach him/her. Especially when it comes to momentous events. Someone is destined to know about them, while someone... I have regular long-time clients. But about a year before some tragic events, such as their death, they simply disappeared for different reasons. That is, they didn't need the information that could already be somehow recognized and predicted...
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Can one also "see" death in the horoscope?
Tatiana Borsch: It has different representations. If a person has been ill badly and for a long time, their death looks like relief, transition to another, more pleasant state. In terms of astrology, there is no death, there is a transition to another state. Death in a car accident or death in a war are seen as a huge stress, as the end of a certain stage. And sometimes, it's the best thing that can happen to a person at the moment. Oddly enough, it looks that way.
The Stolitsa (Capital City) News Agency: Tatiana, how come the daily and weekly horoscopes printed in newspapers and magazines come true for all the signs?
Tatiana Borsch: Those are general horoscopes. Each sign has certain tendencies. But astrology doesn't provide details such as time, place and amount. For example, Sagittarius must get money on these days or this month. But I never say how much. All I say is that every Sagittarius will get money. Well, someone will get a million, and someone – just 3 rubles. The same happens when it comes to predicting that a certain sign will meet their partner. This is an opportunity! People often meet their partners provided that the planets have a certain position. And the forecast comes true. If the astrologer makes the calculations properly, using formulas and all their expertise, not just intuition and approximations, the predictions will surely come true. FAILED IVF

Nowadays, many women who fail to get pregnant in a natural way resort to artificial insemination. But their attempts are often unsuccessful, because they are made at the wrong time. There are periods of time that are generally not good for this since artificial insemination is quite unlikely. These periods are well known to astrologers - those are periods of Mercury's retrograde, and there are 4 of them every year.

Some periods are bad for a certain person. That is, in terms of astrology, the woman just cannot get pregnant in this period of time. This is the time when the uterus is not ready to give rise to a new life, so an IVF attempt is like sowing seeds in winter into the frozen ground.

It's easy to understand a woman who wants to have a baby. Children make one's life really bright, so many people just can't think of a family without children. When the time for conception or IVF is chosen by an astrologer, the latter will certainly do it much better than the doctor, because the astrologer has the only tool that can determine whether it is good or bad for the person in question.

Of course, the astrologer won't give an absolute guarantee, but the result will be much better than the doctor's. There are situations, however, when a woman can have no children at all. For example, in the individual horoscope of one of my clients, who had several failed IVFs, there is a clear indication that she will be bringing up a foster child and this will make her happy.

When the astrologer faces such a situation, he/she must tell the client about the existing problem, no matter how hard it may be to say that. For many people, this information is very painful, but some accept it with understanding. Everyone wants to have their own children, but what if this is impossible?

There is another problem about IVF. The time of fertilization is also extremely important, but this is probably the main mystery of birth. Nobody knows the real time of conception - doctors say that it can fluctuate up to two days. It's impossible to recognize, so one can't make an accurate horoscope of conception.

That's why, in case of IVF, I calculate the time when the doctors put the female and male cells together, and then the time when the tiny little embryo will be introduced into the mother's womb. Sometimes, it is the evening when the doctors don't work and the mother makes an agreement with the doctors. Doctors, unfortunately, often disregard astrology, and I would like to remind them Hippocrates's words, "A doctor who does not know astrology is more a fool than a doctor." In ancient times, all doctors knew astrology.

How to choose the time of birth in case of C-section.

There is another situation associated with children's birth, which is C-section. The birth time is very important for shaping the child's character. It is time, day and place of birth that determine the character and, consequently, the person's fate. In terms of astrology, fate is nothing more than the unfolding of the character in time. And if the mother asks the astrologer for advice as to the day and time for the C-section, the baby's birth is not accidental. I know many such children. Kids born at a chosen time differ from their peers - they are lively, good-looking, intelligent and, perhaps, luckier, because the most successful time was chosen for their birth. But the astrologer is not as free as it may seem. If a C-section is planned, he/she is given a short interval - a week or maybe 10 days - in which he/she must choose the best time. And during those 10 days, there is a definite arrangement of the planets, which can't change. When future parents ask me to choose the best time to give birth, I usually give them several options to choose from and tell them what the future child's character will be in each case.

Suppose it's going to be a girl. I give possible options to the parents. Option number one – she will be a good wife, love her family greatly, depend on her husband, her husband and family will be very good. Option number two - she will make her own destiny herself and keep everything under control; she will be very active and bright. But this refers more to a man, which is not very good for family life. The parents thought for a long time and chose the option in which the daughter would keep everything under control. Now this girl is 6, she manages the whole house as well as her parents and her friends at the daycare. When she was born, it was clear that the baby would become a leader.

I have been doing this for a long time now, and I know families in which three girls were born at the exactly indicated time. The births took place in Germany, where the doctors are very meticulous about the time of birth. If they are told that it was supposed to take place at 10:05, they will pull the baby out at exactly 10:05. The girls have already grown up, and when I meet them, I enjoy seeing them. They are amazing - bright, clever, and beautiful.

It also makes sense to contact an astrologer when the woman has to be stimulated, for example, she has no contractions and the delivery time was exceeded seriously. You choose the day when she is supposed to be stimulated, ask the doctor how much time she needs, and sometimes, everything goes just perfectly well.

The time of birth is predetermined in heaven.

«ut the astrologer is only allowed to discuss the time of birth if the mother can't give birth in the usual way and medical intervention is required. We never intervene if the woman can give birth on her own. It's unacceptable. God knows best when the baby should be born.

It happens that they think in heaven that a child with such a character has no place in this family. In this case, then absolutely incredible things happen.

It has happened twice in my practice. Once the anesthesiologist had to sit in traffic and was late, so the scheduled time of birth was moved 2 hours. Th day was good, so if the anesthesiologist had come on time, the girl would have been born to be more independent. But after 2 hours, everything changed. The baby was absolutely charming, artistic, charismatic, but not a business woman at all. Most likely, she will have an artistic career.

I felt like I was corrected from above. I don't think that the anesthesiologist was late accidentally. There are no accidental delays.

In the other case, the future mom was told to fast in the morning before the C-section, but she violated the ban. So the surgery was moved from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Generally speaking, the day was good, and the baby was born healthy and beautiful, but her character differed from what her mother wanted and what I had calculated. It was as if someone had told me from above, 'You are smart, but we are smarter.'

These days, people contact me more and more often. Recently, a man wrote to me; his son is already 4. The time had been very tough for me, I had barely chosen the right moment for the C-section. And when the man called, I was happy to know that the child was growing and developing very well.
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