Often, when communicating with people at various levels, we feel that someone brings us something good, and we take a liking to him or her, while another person makes us feel hostility, distrust and fear. People say for a reason that "the first impression is the most correct one."
Can this be explained in terms of astrology? Are there people who initially bring us trouble and unhappiness, and how can we detect them?
Without going into the astrological subtleties not clear to an unprepared reader, it is possible to name the attributes according to which all kinds of relations will develop, both in business and in private life. Let's start with problematic unions. The most difficult relations are with our 8th sign. For example, for Aries it is Scorpio, for Taurus - Sagittarius, etc. To find your 8th sign, you need to look at the eighth sign on the Zodiac circle moving counter-clockwise, assuming your own sign to be the first one (see the Figure above). This is also how other signs are to be found.
Ancient astrologers called the 8th sign the symbol of death, destruction, fatal love, and bizarre attachments. This pair is called in astrology "slave- master" or "rabbit and boa constrictor", the role of the "master" and "boa constrictor" being played by our 8th sign.

This union is especially difficult for politicians and business people.
Here is an example of recent political confrontation in the USA: Donald Trump is a Gemini, while Hilary Clinton is a Scorpio. Gemini is the 8th sign for Scorpio, and, despite the fact that many were sure that Clinton would be elected President, she lost.
Here are some historical examples. Hitler was a Taurus, and his opponents were two Sagittarius - Stalin and Churchill. The end of their confrontation is well known. Another interesting fact is that Russian Victory Marshals, Konstantin Rokossovsky and Georgy Zhukov, were also born under the sign of Sagittarius; they dealt crushing blows to Hitler's army and became the symbol of the end of the Third Reich.
Lenin was also a Taurus; his comrade-in-arms, Stalin, took away all Lenin's powers in the latter's last years of life, perhaps caused Lenin's death and subsequently destroyed Lenin's entire entourage. Stalin (Sagittarius) was the 8th sign for Lenin.
Business ties with our 8th sign are also dangerous, they ultimately bring us stresses and losses, both financial and moral. So, don't mess with your 8th character and never fight it - your chances to win are extremely small!
Such relationships are very interesting in terms of love. We are drawn to our 8th sign as by a magnet, because in terms of sex, this union may be the best, but for a family life, it is very difficult. "Feeling bad while being together, feeling worse while being apart."
Take the world-famous lovers as an example - George Sand (Cancer) and Alfred de Musset (Sagittarius). For Sagittarius, Cancer is the 8th sign, and the story of their crazy two-year love was the subject of attention across France. Critics and writers were divided into "Mussulists" and "Sandists", they debated fiercely about who was to blame for the sad ending of the love story - he or she. How much energy had to be spent to excite the minds of humankind for so long? However, that energy was destructive for the famous couple. In their hearts, passions raged, but both of them were just not able to understand what was going on.
Georges Sand wrote to Musset, "I don't love you anymore, and I will always adore you. I don't want you anymore, and I can't do without you. It seems that nothing but a heavenly lightning can heal me by destroying me. Good bye! Stay or go, but don't tell me that I am not suffering. This is the only thing that can make me suffer even more, my love, my life, my blood! Go away, but kill me, leaving." Musset said a short phrase, but its magical power surpasses George Sand's tirade, "When you embraced me, I felt something that is still bothering me, making it impossible for me to approach another woman." These two people loved each other passionately and lived together for two years as on a powder keg, their life being full of passions, hatred and treachery.
When someone unites with their 8th sign, there won't be any peace; for those who love borderline, dramatic situations in Dostoevsky's style, these alliances are very attractive. The first to cool down is, as a rule, our 8th sign.
If, by the will of fate, our child is born under the 8th sign, he or she will be very different from us and, in some ways, not up to our expectations. At best, he or she will choose their own way.
For business and political relations, the union with the 12th sign is also complicated.
For example, Trump is a Gemini, while Angela Merkel is a Cancer. Trump is the 12th sign for Merkel, that's why their relations are strained and complicated. We can assume that the American president will achieve his political goals, while Merkel will lose in the confrontation.
Such were the relations of Mikhail Gorbachev (Pisces) and Boris Yeltsin (Aquarius). For Gorbachev, Yeltsin was the 12th sign, who managed to debunk the Perestroika hero.
Even ancient astrologers noticed that the relations with one's 12th sign cannot develop evenly, it is one of the most bizarre and problematic alliances. They are our secret enemies, who can ingratiate themselves with us and know our innermost secrets. Contacting them, we get confused and make mistakes; they seem to be digging a pit for us. Among the Roman emperors murdered by their entourage, there was an interesting regularity – each murderer represented the 12th sign of the murdered one.
In Russian history, we also see the pernicious chain: the German princess Alexandra (Gemini) married the last Russian esar Nicholas II (Taurus) - he was her 12th sign and brought her a tragic death. The evil genius of this family, Grigory Rasputin (Cancer), who made friends with Tsarina Alexandra, his 12th sign, was killed as a result of that unusual friendship. As you can see, it was also a group of people very attached to each other, but mutually destroying each other. Pyotr Stolypin, who intended to take Russia to a higher economic and social level, was an Aries, i.e. the 12th sign of Nicholas II; he made all the tsar's weakness obvious, and the tsar's authority fell after Stolypin's death.
So it makes sense to look attentively at your 12th sign, especially if you have business ties. Usually, these people know much more about us than we want them to, and, if necessary, they reveal our secrets. However, the beginning of these connections is, as a rule, not bad. Sometimes, the two people are friends, but one of them can later betray the other one or blow a secret inadvertently.
In terms of love relationships, our 12th sign is softer, he/she can take care of us and surround us with tender affection. He/she knows and understands our weaknesses. But it is he/she who guides us, although it is sometimes almost imperceptible. Mutual sexual attraction is usually strong.
For example, Megan Clark is a Leo, the 12th sign for Prince Harry, who is a Virgo. Despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth II was against the misalliance, Harry's love was so strong that they did get married.
If the 12th sign is our child, it becomes clear some time later that he/she knows all our secrets, even those he/she is not supposed to know. It is very difficult to control such children as they will do everything their own way.
Relations with our 7th sign are also interesting. They are our opposite, learning something new from us, while we have something to learn from them. This union, in business and personal relations, can be very good and interesting provided that both partners are quite intelligent and have high moral standards. At a lower level, this means constant misunderstandings and rivalry. Marriage or cooperation with the 7th sign can only exist as a union of two full-fledged individuals, in which case love, significant business achievements and social success are possible.
However, the unions of such partners can be not only interesting, but also quite complicated.
An example - Angelina Jolly, a Gemini, and Brad Pitt, a Sagittarius. This is a typical alliance with the 7th sign - it's bright, interesting, but quite stressful. This couple can quarrel and part from time to time, but they never lose interest in each other.
It may be for this reason that these ties are more stable at a mature age, when people understand of the true essence of marriage and partnership. For large-scale political relations, this is a state of cold war and eternal tension, for example, Yeltsin (Aquarius) and Bill Clinton (Leo).
Relations with our 9th sign are very good, he/she is our teacher and advisor, who can reveal to us something that we don't know yet. Very often, relations with him/her result in traveling or relocating. The union can be beneficial in terms of business and contribute to spiritual growth.
An example: although Trump and Vladimir Putin are political opponents, they can come to terms and even feel a certain affection to each other. Putin is a Libra, while Trump is a Gemini, the 9th sign for Putin.
This union is quite harmonious for conjugal and love relationships.
We treat our 3rd sign somewhat condescendingly. They are like our younger siblings, we can teach them, and they will listen attentively. More often than not, our younger brothers and sisters are born under this sign. In terms of personal relationships and sex, the union is not very interesting and can end quickly (although different options are possible). In terms of business, it is not bad as it often connects partners from different cities or countries.
We treat our 5th sign as a child. The circumstances are such that we must take care of him/her. The union is not very good for business, since our 5th sign wins in terms of finance and useful connections, giving us little in return, except for love or sympathy. But he/she is very good for family and love relationships, especially if the 5th sign is a woman. If a child is born under this sign, relations with his/her parents are smooth, love and understanding on both sides will last a lifetime.
The 10th sign is a born boss. Here everything depends on the spiritual level of the people. Both good and tense relations are possible. They are often mutually beneficial in good periods as well as mutually disruptive in bad ones. In family relations, our 10th sign always tries to be the leader and does it depending on his/her intelligence and upbringing.
Our 4th sign protects our home and can act as a sponsor, which strengthens our positions, either financial or moral. But in all cases, his/her advice should be heeded, it can be very efficient, albeit quite unobtrusive. If a woman acts in this role, family relations can be long and romantic, since all the spouse's wishes are usually met, one way or another. Sometimes, such couples achieve great social success (Hilary Clinton - Scorpio and Bill Clinton - Leo). If the husband is the 4th sign for his wife, he is a henpecked man. There is often a strong sexual attraction in this case. Our 4th sign can improve our living conditions and take care of us in a fatherly way. If a child is born under this sign, he/she can live next to us and patronize us tenderly.
We are often tied with our 11th sign by friendly or patronizing relations; we treat him/her with reverence, while they treat us with friendly condescension. Sometimes, these relations develop in the "older brother" or "high-ranking friend" style. Indeed, older brothers and sisters are often born under this sign. In terms of personal relationships and sex, the 11th sign is always inclined to enslave us. This tendency is most clearly manifested in such alliances as Capricorn - Pisces, Leo - Libra. A child born under this sign achieves greater success than his parents, they can be proud of him/her.
Our 2nd sign should bring us money or some other benefits, we have a lot from him/her both in business and in family life. In married couples, the 2nd sign usually protects money for the benefit of the family. He is very attached to us in a sexual way.
Our 6th sign is our 'slave', we always benefit from working with him/ her, and it's very difficult for him/her to get out of our influence. In the event of enmity, he/she receives a powerful retaliatory strike, especially if he/she provokes the conflict. In personal relations, we can somehow destroy them, making them dance to our tune. For example, a husband doesn't allow his wife to work, or family circumstances develop in such a way that she gradually becomes lost as an individual, although she is surrounded by care. This is the best-case scenario, worse options are possible. Our 6th sign has a strong sexual affection for us, because for him/her, we are the fatal 8th sign. We are, too, but we cool down quickly and often make all kinds of claims. If the relations with our 6th sign are long, there is a danger of routine, boredom and stagnation, which ultimately destroys the relationship. A child born under the 6th sign needs a particularly careful attitude, he/she can feel fear or embarrassment communicating with us, his health often needs increased attention. We must also remember that he/she is very different from us emotionally.

And, finally, relations with our own sign. Scorpio-Scorpio and Cancer- Cancer get along well; it is hard to say anything specific about the rest, but in most cases, our own sign is of little interest to us as it carries similar energy. Sometimes, relations develop as rivalry, both in business and in love.
There is another interesting detail: we are often attracted to two representatives of the same sign. For example, a man's wife and mistress have the same sign. As a result of the confrontation, the stronger character displaces the weaker one. Here is an example: Prince Charles is a Scorpio, while Princess Diana and Camilla Parker Bowles were both born under the sign of Cancer. Camilla was more grabby and won in that confrontation.
Of course, in order to draw definitive conclusions, we need an individual horoscope, but the above trends will, one way or another, manifest themselves.
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