Complete Horoscope Virgo 2023: Monthly astrological forecasts for 2023
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Renowned Russian astrologer Tatiana Borsch has been a trusted name for over 30 years. Among her forecasts that came true are the crises and sudden events of 2020, and the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine in 2022.

In this book, Tatiana shares her forecasts of developments in career and business, finances, family and romantic relationships, and health for Virgo.

The last few years have been turbulent and unpredictable as we live in the transition time: the Age of Aquarius has come to replace the Age of Pisces and many of us are looking ahead to what lies in store next year. In her outlook for 2023, Tatiana offers an annual overview, as well as detailed monthly forecasts to help you recognize auspicious occasions, size good luck, avoid trouble and resolve conflicts, organize your personal affairs, and achieve professional success. Here you can also find a Lunar calendar along with a detailed description of each Lunar day. She also offers a Zodiac compatibility guide and romantic descriptions for men and women – all meant to help you navigate relationships.

This Compete Horoscope 2023 gives you the insight necessary to prepare for what lies in store during the year of the Water Rabit. A must-read for everyone looking to bring change to their lives and understand the power of astrological implications.
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