Weekly astrological update and horoscope: 19.07-25.07

The coming week is quite positive and its main event will be the Full Moon. It will appear on Saturday, July 24. The best days of the week are Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. I would call Thursday and Friday average days. For any cosmetic procedures, haircuts, Tuesday and Wednesday are excellent days. But avoid doing any beauty treatments on Monday it is a frankly bad day for these procedures. The Moon in Scorpio advises us to give and receive debts, as well as to deal with matters that have been left "for later" for a long time. Saturday, Sunday are the days of the Full Moon, when it is undesirable to do beauty injections and operations - bruises and swelling are likely. It is a bad day for a haircut. But the days of the full moon are good for meetings, communication, advertising, and all kinds of presentations.

Aries will spend Monday calmly, you may have to deal with household and financial routines. Tuesday and Wednesday will bring great news from afar, many will go on a trip. Thursday, Friday will bring a lot of various work, and the weekend promises to be joyful and fun

On Monday, Taurus will have a number of important meetings and they will go very well. Wednesday and Thursday are good for solving household and family problems, you should prepare for a visit of the guests. Various news from afar will come on Thursday, Friday. On the weekend you won't be able to rest as you will have to solve a number of professional tasks

Gemini can count on money on Monday, but there will be a lot of work :) A lot of meetings of both personal and professional nature are expected on Tuesday, Wednesday and they will go very well. Try to spend calmly Thursday and Friday - these days are not quite good for you. The weekend will be fun, interesting, and, most likely, will be spent outside or on a short trip

Cancer on Monday can count on good news from afar, as well as good events in the personal life. The money will come on Tuesday, Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday beware of the conflict with business or personal partners. The stars advise you to spend the weekend calmly, you can put in order the fin matters

Leo will spend Monday with home and family matters in mind. Tuesday and Wednesday would be dedicated to children, loved ones. Work and business will remind you of themself on Thursday and Friday. On the weekend you can expect pleasant and joyful meetings

Virgo on Monday may go on a trip or receive a good of news from afar. The period from Tuesday to Friday would be dedicated to close people and loved ones. You should take care of your health on weekends as the energy level would be weak!

Libra on Monday can count on decent money, and on Tuesday and Wednesday will is a possibility of a trip or news from afar. The family affairs will be on the top of your agenda on Thursday and Friday. And the weekend most probable would be spent in a pleasant and fun company

Scorpio this week will show up his/her best side. At the beginning of the week, you can count on attention and recognition of your accomplishments. On Tuesday, Wednesday you can expect some money. Some unpleasant news from afar may await you on Thursday and Friday. The weekend would be dedicated to relatives and loved ones

Sagittarius will spend Monday calmly, busy with current affairs. You can expect some money but should be aware of decent expenses as well. Tuesday and Wednesday are all your days! And they will go just with a bang! The astrologer advises planning more events for these days in order to get what you want! Thursday and Friday are neutral, you have to deal with financial matters, pay off some debts. And the weekend will be spent on a trip

Capricorn on Monday will meet friends and will be able to solve their problems in a calm, convenient regime. Tuesday and Wednesday are good for personal meetings as well as for real estate activities. In the second half of the week, you should take care of your health and money. The coming weekend has a chance to be a particularly ruinous

Aquarius will spend the first half of the week in an active working style. Decent money will come on Monday, and meetings with nice people are probable on Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are challenging so you should spend this period calmly. On the weekend, you have a chance to become the hero of the day!

Pisces will have a very active and interesting week. Good news from afar will come on Monday, many will go on a trip. Money will come on Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are good days for meeting friends. You should take a break after an active week and spend the weekend calmly

Have a great week ahead!!! 🌺💐🌈