Weekly astrological update and horoscope: 18/01-24/01

The coming week will pass in the light of the growing moon and its best days will be Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and Saturday. According to all indications, Wednesday and Thursday are difficult days when the Moon comes into conflict with the aggressive planets - Mars and Saturn, as well as the giant Jupiter. During these days, conflicts, traumatic situations and troubles are expected on the fronts that are important to you. Naturally, these days are not suitable for cosmetic procedures, plastic and other surgeries. For these purposes, the weekend is a much better time as well as Thursday and Friday.

The first days of the week are good for Aries, these days you can improve family relations and with loved ones if there is a need for it. On contrary, period Wednesday through Thursday is a difficult time - financial losses, unexpected expenses, problems with children or with someone close to you are likely - "a chain is no stronger than its weakest link", as they say. The end of the week is relatively calm, there is a chance to go on a trip or just take a walk to the country house

In the first days of the week, Taurus will be busy with his home, family issues. At work expect preparatory affairs, which may change a lot in business. In other cases a job change is possible, anyway, negotiations on this topic are likely soon. Wednesday, Thursday be attentive to your loved ones - the situation can be explosive! At the end of the week, the money may come. On the weekend, expect relatives

Gemini on Monday, Tuesday may meet with friends and safely escape possible problems at work. On Wednesday, Thursday, be careful while driving and in contacts, and do not transgress. You can devote the weekend to yourself. Expect some money on Sunday

Cancer will devote the first days of the week to work, may receive some money. Disagreements with loved ones or business partners during most of the week are very likely. Only the weekend is calm and auspicious

Leo will spend Monday and Tuesday running about. Conflicts with partners or with someone close are possible on Wednesday, Thursday. Be careful as these are the first signs - the problems may repeat themselves in a more severe version. And the weekend is perfect - maybe old friends will help you

Virgo will devote the first days of the week to routine work, you may buy something for home or office unexpectedly. News from colleagues from afar can upset your plans on Wednesday, Thursday. Misunderstandings with colleagues are not excluded as well. You may have to work on the weekend, but there is a chance to get some money

Libra on Monday, Tuesday will communicate with a variety of people. Wednesday and Thursday will bring a lot of expenses and a whole host of emotional problems. In one case, they are associated with love conflicts, And in the other, with children. At the end of the week, a trip or arrival of guests from afar is possible

Scorpio on Monday, Tuesday will do a lot of work and receive some money. Wednesday, Thursday are days of conflicts, you have to face serious resistance from opponents or troubles around real estate. And at the weekend you can relax and unwind. During the whole week, be careful while driving!!!

Sagittarius will have many difficult meetings in the first half of the week, and it is recommended to be especially careful on Wednesday, Thursday, when there are likely honey-trapы from various sides. However, you will solve all the troubles of this week, and spend the weekend in nice company of old friends

Capricorn on Monday, Tuesday may strive to put things in order in everything and he will succeed. On Wednesday, Thursday, serious misunderstandings with children\loved ones are possible or large expenses associated with them. The weekend will have to be devoted to work, but it would be monetary reworded

Aquarius this week will have to fight for some idea and there is hope that he will cope with all the obstacles that fate has prepared for him. The most difficult days will be Wednesday and Thursday, when self-dissatisfaction may reach its peak. The weekend is good for communicating with children and loved ones

Pisces in the first days of the week will receive some money, but it may be spent as well. On Wednesday, Thursday, beware of intrigues and be careful while driving. The period from Friday to Sunday is successful and even romantic!