Complete Astrological
Planner: Aries 2023
Specially written by esteemed Astrologist Tatiana Borsch, this beautiful daily astrology planner and diary draws on her extensive track record of successful astrological predictions – including foreseeing the 2020 crisis in an article for SWAAY Magazine – to provide you with a wealth of handy insights, astrological tips, and the profound wisdom of the cosmos, all brought together so that you can draw on the power of the stars to empower yourself with a new wave of spirituality and holistic self-care.

Book details:
  • Features a 2023 annual overview and monthly forecasts for Aries with insights for career and business, finances, family and romantic relationships, and health
  • All important astrological data in one place: Moon Phases, Void of Course, Planetary Transits, Aspects, and Retrogrades
  • Boasts a complete lunar month calendar with detailed descriptions of each lunar day
  • Easy-to-use guides for planetary and moon transits and aspects to help you understand cosmic influence for your horoscope
Perfect as a unique and ingenious gift idea for your loved ones, this gorgeous Astrological Planner & Diary is an illuminating tool for astrology fans to make the most of 2023 and gain enlightening insights into the coming year of the Water Rabit.

About the Authors:
We are a family of astrologers - Tatiana Borsch. Alexander Viner, and Evgeny Vorobiev. Tatiana is one of the most popular and respected astrologers in Russia. Her extensive writing career began in 1992 with the release of her first Complete Horoscope book. Tatiana is a frequent guest on various TV shows and writes astrological columns for numerous media, Alexander Viner follows the trade of his mother, Tatiana Borsch. Evgeny Vorobiev is a certified holistic medicine doctor, homeopath, and expert in medical astrology.
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