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Astrological Trends 2024:
Embracing the Transformation
The article is an excerpt from the book Complete Horoscope 2024
As we delve into the astrological trends of 2024, it's important to provide a brief overview for those who may not have had the chance to explore my predictions for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023.

These past years have been part of a continuous period of global transformation, where the very foundations of what we considered constant and unshakable have shifted. On both national and personal levels, profound changes have been unfolding. In the context of modern history, there is no true comparison to the magnitude of change we've experienced. Astrologically, this transformation is attributed to the grand transition from the Age of Pisces, which endured for 2,160 years, to the emerging Age of Aquarius. As we look ahead to 2024, it seamlessly fits into this intricate cosmic narrative, serving as an important and critical watershed in this era of change.
Politics and economics
We are embarking on yet another difficult year, 2024 can generally be divided into two very different periods. During the first half of the year, Jupiter, which is the most powerful planet in our solar system, will be in the sign of Taurus, creating a favorable aspect with Saturn. That means that both peoples' lives and events on the political stage will play out rather predictably.

A major astrological event will take place from April 18–26, 2024. Two giants of the solar system — Jupiter and Uranus — will be in conjunction. This is one of the most unusual unions when it comes to finances. Depending on individual horoscopes, some people might see significant achievements here, while others will see unexpected changes for the worse. In principle, this is a neutral-positive aspect, but everything depends on individual information. This is an interesting time for cryptocurrency — we might see significant ups and downs with new financial instruments, which will seriously alter the currency markets, as Uranus in Taurus will lead to many financial shifts. But also remember that during this time, we may see positive business propositions, career changes, promotions, salary raises, and successful investments!

The first half of the year is a good time for China — it will continue to expand its power, both economically and politically, which will of course impact its position in the global arena. We might see successful negotiations regarding Taiwan.
The first half of 2024 will also be very positive for India. Its economy is surging — over the next three to four years, it will be able to make significant investments in resolving problems such as poverty and develop its infrastructure and industry. It will become a global economic leader.

However, things are not so rosy in the Old World — Europe, where economic drivers such as Germany, are going through a troublesome astrological period. In India, this is known as Sade Sati (Saturn's transit through the sign of the Moon, which often includes the Moon's neighboring zodiac sign). Usually, this period lasts about three years. Each country will experience things its own way. For Germany, this most likely means an economic slowdown and domestic political and social turbulence. This is a trend that began in 2022 and will last for about three years.

The first half of 2024 is crucial for Russia, as presidential elections will take place in 2024. I predict that Putin will remain in power, despite the Russian opposition and meddling from the West, which will be unprecedented this time. Though Putin will remain in the Kremlin, his government will see a lot of turnover, as will other power structures.

The war in Ukraine will begin to slow down somewhat during the first half of the year, and though there will not be any major hostilities, skirmishes will break out in various spots on various fronts.
Ukraine's difficulties began with the Sade Sati in 2020. In 2024–2025, we will see this phenomenon reach its final phase. I believe that there is a very high chance of the country being divided into spheres of influence, with its very independence jeopardized. In 2024, and perhaps somewhat sooner, Poland might openly lay claim to Lviv and the western territories that were ceded to Ukraine following World War Two.

With regard to Ukraine's territories currently under Russian occupation — we will see a continuation of major construction and infrastructure restoration. I believe that in the first half of 2024, Russia's expansion may continue, as other Russian-speaking regions of Ukraine fall under its influence. May 2024 might be a very important time for this.

Economically, this is a hard time for Russia. Sanctions and trade limitations will make things significantly more difficult. There may not be enough budget for military operations, along with economic development, and major construction in the regions now impacted by war. But in the end, there will be an acceptable balance. Russia's economic recovery will be active enough, and as a result, we might see new companies created in regions around the country.

The second half of 2024 will be much more troublesome for all countries, and far more difficult than the first half. On May 25, Jupiter will transit to Gemini, and by June, we might start to see changes in plans and conflicts drag out, both in our interpersonal relationships and between countries. By mid-August, Jupiter will be forming a harsh aspect with Saturn, which promises a battle between old structures and the new world we live in. This aspect will repeat again in the fall and winter of 2024. Our world abounds with contradictions, and this will only become more apparent. The economic crisis will worsen, and almost no country will be spared.
The war in Ukraine will gain momentum once again. In the fall and winter of 2024, things will become difficult for Russia, as the hostilities take on a new intensity. This will continue into the first half of 2025, though gradually it will become clear that there is no military solution to this conflict, and things will start to die down. Sanctions will remain in place, though slowly but surely, things will head in a more constructive direction.

During the second half of the year, the European Union will see division among its member states. This trend will continue into 2025 as well. We might see some countries moving toward greater independence from Brussels. The reason may be the economic crisis, which will force many governments to work on behalf of their own countries. Obviously, we won't see any repeats of Brexit in 2024, though this may appear somewhat later. Over the next three to four years, the EU will undergo serious changes, and the European Commission might lose some of its powers, as dictating the rules of the game to the world will become much more difficult.

With regard to the United States, 2024 might be particularly difficult. Pluto is returning to its position in the US birth chart, and this is very important, as it will be in the sector of the sky responsible for the banking system, finances, and even society's emotional state.

Pluto is the planet responsible for purification and renewal, but it also brings the destruction of anything obsolete, which may trigger global crises, which are inevitable with any change in the system. That is why in 2024, economic strife may trigger demonstrations against the current government, as well as a serious struggle for power among members of the ruling class.

During the second half of the year, the United States may lose a lot of allies — this trend will continue into 2025. Perhaps this will be due to a stronger China, Russia, and India, or alternatively, growing economic problems. The US will weaken in its role as the hegemon.
The US presidential elections in 2024 may bring a repeat of what we saw in 2020. It is hard to imagine Joe Biden hanging onto the presidency. He will leave. But these elections will be full of scandal, most likely due to Trump's bombastic speeches.

During the second half of the year, Jupiter will be in Gemini, which supports Trump, as he himself is a Gemini. During the first half of the year, however, despite his histrionics, Trump will spend the first half of 2024 busy with legal troubles that began in 2023. But during the second half of the year, he may be at the center of society's attention — what more could a politician need? Both Trump and Ron de Santis have a good shot at the presidency. De Santis's birth time is unknown, but I think he has a good chance.

Another thorn in the US's side may be the situation in the Middle East, which is already unstable, but in 2024, some kind of military confrontation may break out.

Jupiter in Gemini creates a negative aspect with Saturn, which will close in mid-August, and which portends difficulties for the global economy. This means a situation that is highly unstable, with volatile markets and trouble in the banking sector.

We might, however, see scientific breakthroughs — perhaps new technology and discoveries await in the hands of the world's young and talented scientists.
Fashion will become more feminine and elegant during the first half of the year. Jupiter in Taurus means that we can expect more fitted silhouettes, and perhaps greater focus on traditional garb. Beige will be the color of the day, as will all hues of gold and brown. As always, black will be in demand. Clothing will be monochromatic.

During the second half of the year, we can expect light and dark blue, green, and unusual color combinations. The look will be unkempt and carefree, with a greater focus on youth fashions than the classics. Jupiter in Gemini also suggests flowing, translucent fabrics.
All year long, the weather will be unstable, with flooding affecting coastal countries and islands. We might see a more serious version of what has already happened in several regions of the world. During the second half of the year, many countries can expect to deal with strong winds and tornadoes.
Personal life
While we can say that everyone has their own fate, global circumstances often are indirectly reflected in each of our lives.

Despite all the ups and downs, the first half of 2024 is the best time for getting married, having babies, or buying real estate.

During the second half of the year, I would not recommend any long-distance travel, starting any legal proceedings, or making important decisions about moving. During this time, many relationships will fall apart, if things were already on the rocks. But you can find out more about that in my forecast for each Zodiac sign.
Best of luck in 2024!

Astrologist Tatiana Borsch
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